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Working out this blogging thing is not as simple as all the tutorials show, latest not for me. Perhaps I am just blind but can anyone help with WordPress blogs? I have a number of pages on my blog and I want them to all be like separate blog threads and the home page to show the latest post from any of these pages. As it stands the pages are just that, pages. If I want to add to my post I have to either edit the post or comment on my own post, I am wanting to just add another post to this thread.
For example. The page about me was planned to be a kind of bio of where I have been and what I have done(exiting stuff). But I always wanted to write a book about life as an apprentice chef, and blogging it will help me improve my crap writing skills. At least I hope it will, ( any teachers or editors out there you are welcome to correct my writing or suggest some better options)

I look forward to some more information from the people of the blog world.

Keep smilin


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  1. When you host “catagories” as page threads then you can “add” a post to that thread. The way it works is that if the catagory is “selected” the post will show up as your most recent “main page” post AND also under the selected “catagory thread/link” that you create. You have to blog admin/posts/catagories to make your different “thread names.” Then you must activate those threads, instead of pages, on your homepage by going to blog/admin/appearance/menus. The menu is where you will show the new threads you want on your screen. If you don’t want “active pages” like you complained about, you will need to activate and add to menu the “catagories” instead that you want. Hope that makes sense. 🙂 Good luck with the blog! -OM

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