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Hi ho,

Today cooking in up some samples for Wedding cakes.  a few sponge flavours, some cake pops and some decorating.  But first off, plant my Asparagus, Snow peas and Shallots.  I go some Raspberry canes yesterday, anyone grown these before around Brisbane Australia before?.  think I might put them near the water tank.  I’ll have some picks of todays bake tomorrow. Later


Posted July 12, 2013 by innocentart in Food and Cooking

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  1. Friday Food day was cool. So cool it flowed into Saturday and Sunday. Made some beautiful cake pops as samples for a Wedding cake. Also 3 different varieties of sponge for the main cake. Saturday I made a yummy steamed fish and Waldorf salad lunch, Waldorf is so underrated. Sunday was spent getting ready for my own Birthday cake which is tomorrow.

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